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Discerna was established from technology developed at the Babraham Institute in 2001 on the expertise of its founders in immunology and protein engineering.

Recognising the commercial potential of recombinant protein-based products, particularly antibodies, the Company has created a platform of technologies that both improve upon and complement established methods of developing biopharmaceuticals. (Publications)


The Discerna Company has out-licensed two technologies in a number of geographical
and technical areas:

ribosome display
  1. Ribosome Display technology
  2. Protein Printing array technology.

The use of ribosome display technology in therapeutics has been assigned to:
Crescendo Biologics

Partners for the licensing of the ribosome display technology outside the therapeutics field are still actively sought.




c/o Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd.

+44 (0)1223 496269


Patent Families

Ribosome Display Technology
Ribosome Complexes as Selection Particles For In Vitro Display And Evolution Of Proteins (link)
Priority Date: 28th May 1997

Granted in: Australia, Europe, US
Pending in: Canada, Japan


Protein Array Technology
Functional Protein Arrays (link)
Priority Date: 15th August 2000

Granted in: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, US



Ribosome Display Technology

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Protein Array Technology

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